What is the difference between VSL 3D (variable sports ladder, agility ladder, speed ladder, sport ladder) and other traditional sports training ladders? VSL 3D agility ladder is unique in that it is designed for use in both flat and 3D formats. The speed ladder includes 9 pieces of 45cm x 45cm plastic squares. (In the instruction manual there are over 1000 variations of exercises listed.) Due to the way the plastic components interconnect, it is easy to set up, modify, or use the squares separately.
What does its efficiency lie in?

  • it can be used at any age - in small places, anywhere "agility ladder"
  • easy to use, it is not dangerous and it can be stored in small places "speed ladder"
  • training with this equipment is varied, enjoyable, and entertaining "sport ladder"
  • it increases speed and mobility "agility ladder"
  • it helps learning movements "speed ladder"
  • it improves the connections between nerves and muscles "sport ladder"
  • it aids concentration and improves creativity "agility ladder"
  • it helps preventing injuries "speed ladder"
  • it increases the quality of the control over the entire body "sport ladder"
  • it improves endurance and stamina "agility ladder"
  • it develops sense of rhythm "speed ladder"
  • it aids the improvement of balance "sport ladder"
  • it provides help in the rehabilitation after injuries "agility ladder"
  • it provides help in warming-up before trainings and matches "speed ladder"
  • it teaches accuracy "sport ladder"
  • it aids spatial orientation "agility ladder"
  • it improves eye-hand and eye-leg coordination "speed ladder"
  • it helps learning sport-specific movements "sport ladder"
  • it increases the strength of the upper and lower body "agility ladder"
  • it helps creating optimal length of steps and frequency "speed ladder"
  • it improves general skilfulness "sport ladder"
  • it helps ensuring equal circumstances to speed tests "agility ladder"
  • it improves the ability of perception "speed ladder"
  • it aids reproductive remembrance "sport ladder"
  • it improves flexibility and conditioning abilities "agility ladder"
  • it increases the sense of achievement "speed ladder"
  • it helps raising your knee faster "sport ladder"
  • it aids motivation in relay, running, and catching games "agility ladder"
  • it improves dynamic strength of legs "speed ladder"

There may be some overlaps among the above listed items; however, it is sure that there are no other sports tools that provide so wide-ranging and efficient help for amateur and professional sportspeople as well.



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